Saskatoon Muzzle Loading Club Inc.

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Uberti El Patrone's .45 colt 5.5" selling as a pair only 4 serial number seperation. Excellent condition, light hand loads and black powder only $1250.00 
Willing to trade for 1873 Winchester or uberti in .38/357 or 44-40. Or trade plus cash for 7.5" saa in 44-40.

Norinco 1911 .45acp 4 mags, reloading dies, about 120 loaded rounds, 3-400 cases ready to reload and a U.S. stamped (on the face it says U.S.) leather holster. $500 or trade for .22 single action revolver, or semi auto .22 Ruger or Smith and Wesson victory.

Sporterized 303 br with scope $350 . 

Call Jake 291-8999


Wanted: 32 Winchester Special Brass contact Ryan Dimen at 306-230-9406 or Email:


12 guage shotgun barrel for T/C New Englander.


Albert Harelkin




Want to purchase an original .303 Lee Enfield of WWII era with fully
original stock and sights

Duane Muyres SMLC. Phone 306-952-1082. Cell 229-9570.

Contact Bob Bouthillette.    H 306-374-2937  C 306-370-2877